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National Museum of Natural Science

The first museum in Taiwan to promote science education, consisting of five venues
and 24 thematic exhibitions. The botanical garden behind the museum collects approximately 750 plant species.
The 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan, which is a part of the National Museum of Natural Science, records the effects of earthquakes, serving as educational material for earthquake education.


Shopping Center

The hotel is located in downtown Taichung and is a stone’s throw away from major department stores such as Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Tiger City, and Sogo.


Jinming District

Located on Dazhong 19th Street and Dalong Road,
known throughout Taiwan for its romantic and leisurely outdoor coffee streets.
Many well-known shops can be found here,
making it one of the most exotic and trendy shopping districts in Taichung.


Feng Chia District

The largest night market in Taiwan and the most famous shopping district in central Taiwan.
It offers a wide variety of authentic snacks and creative cuisine,
as well as a dazzling array of clothing and accessories,
making it a unique and affordable shopping district.



Taichung Martial Arts Compound (Butokuten)

Address: No. 33, Linsen Road, Central District, Taichung City
Google Maps (Approximately 25 minutes by car)


Zhongxin Market

Address: No. 2, Alley 3, Lane 71, Section 1, Wuquan West Road, Taichung City (we recommend arriving after 14:00)
Google Maps (Approximately 21 minutes by car)


Art Stock 20

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday, Sunday 10:00-18:00
Saturday 10:00-20:00
Closed on Mondays
Tel: +886-4-2220-9972
Address: No. 6-1, Lane 37, Section 4, Fuxing Road, East District, Taichung City Google Maps (Approximately 27 minutes by car)


National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday 09:00-17:00
Saturday, Sunday 09:00-18:00
Closed on Mondays
Tel: +886-4-2372-3552
Address: No. 2, Section 1, Wuquan West Road, West District, Taichung City (Approximately 22 minutes by car)

Street Eats

Donghai Gua Bao

Donghai Gua Bao offers a diverse range of products for customers to choose from, including their signature pork belly, beef, ham, lean meat, and recently introduced chicken thigh cutlets. They also offer nutritional tonic soups, catering to various taste preferences.
The secret to delicious Gua Bao lies in the perfect balance between the outer skin and the filling! The softness of the Gua Bao’s outer skin is retained even after some time, while the meat filling is masterfully marinated for an extended period to ensure tenderness without excessive greasiness. With the addition of peanut powder and cilantro, each bite releases a burst of flavors that is sure to delight your taste buds!

Recommended → Chicken Thigh Gua Bao
Street Eats

Chen Long Fried Chicken Cutlet

Long established and a local favorite, Cheng Long Chicken Cutlet, had the fortune of riding on the fame and popularity of Hong Kong star Jackie Chan (Chen Long in Mandarin Chinese) when it was first established. It directly took his name as its own, hoping for business success akin to a soaring dragon and a long-lasting presence in the market.
While the chicken cutlet isn’t as large as a face nor as thick as a steak in a steakhouse, stripping away unnecessary advertising gimmicks, it focuses on delivering genuine good taste. The outer layer is fried to crispy perfection without being overly greasy, locking in the original flavor of the chicken inside. Each bite is a true taste of Taiwan.

Recommended → Chicken Cutlet
Street Eats

Lazy Man Shrimp

For those who love shrimp, peeling can be quite a hassle. So what to do when you crave some shrimp but don’t want to get your hands dirty? Introducing the ultimate solution for shrimp lovers who prefer a more relaxed dining experience – the Lazy Man Shrimp! Complete with sparkling LED lights and the boss’s self-portrait, this quirky sign adds a touch of charm to the night market while emitting an irresistible aroma.
The stall owner deftly places the shrimp on the charcoal grill, skillfully cooking them until they reach a golden, crispy perfection. Once done, they’re delicately sprinkled with lemon-scented salt and pepper seasoning. These shrimp are not only refreshing and slightly sweet but also offer a satisfying crunch with every bite, making them irresistibly delicious and leaving you craving for more.

Recommended: Lemon Salt and Pepper Shrimp
Street Eats

Richun Takoyaki

First introduced by Japanese vessels calling to port in Taiwan, Takoyaki has long been renowned in Japan for its delicious taste. It’s not only about professional techniques but also about maintaining a good image of quality, making Richun the first choice for Takoyaki in Taiwan. The prominent blue octopus sign above the store is the flagship of the Feng Chia store, which always draws crowds, regardless of weekdays or weekends. If you want to taste the deliciousness, be prepared to wait for a while!
The boat-shaped packaging box is filled with plump Takoyaki balls, sprinkled with nutrient-rich bonito flakes in the crowded space. With its slightly crispy outer layer and soft filling, this delicacy conceals chewy octopus legs within. Enhanced by the sweetness of mayonnaise and the aroma of bonito, the combination of smooth filling and crispy exterior delivers a heavenly delight with every bite, tantalizing the taste buds and leaving a lasting impression of culinary excellence.

Recommended → Takoyaki
Street Eats

Di Jun Baked Pepper Bun

Di Jun Baked Pepper Bun originates from Caotun, Nantou, where a father started his stall to support his family. Mr. Wang, the boss, is confident and guarantees that even though it’s just a traditional snack, each pepper bun is lovingly made with the most sincere dedication to ensure customer satisfaction.
The handmade dough, baked in a special charcoal oven, lends the pepper bun its distinctive layered texture. The crispy and aromatic crust, paired with the rich and substantial filling made from marinated pork leg meat and imported pepper powder, is not only fragrant but also non-spicy, accentuating the pork’s deliciousness. Each bite is juicy and flavorful, making it utterly irresistible!

Recommended → Baked Pepper Bun
Street Eats

Cia Cia Fu Sweet Potato Fries with Plum Powder

Choosing to establish the first store in the fiercely competitive Bento Street, Cia Cia Fu experienced firsthand the adage “survival of the fittest”. The boss’s determination and confidence in taking on challenges are clearly demonstrated in its success today. It has even expanded to a second store, showing just how delicious it is!
The sweet potatoes are peeled into strips and deep-fried until crispy on the outside while retaining the softness and sweetness inside. Then, they are sprinkled with candied plum powder, making anyone who smells it crave it! And the portion is quite generous. Even if you order a small portion, it can satisfy quite a few mouths.

Recommended → Sweet Potato Fries with Plum Powder
Street Eats

Guan Zhi Lin Taiwanese Small Sausage in Large Sausage

As Feng Chia Night Market evolved from a quiet place to a bustling hub, Guan Zhi Lin, with over 20 years of history, began its journey in an era with few snack options. It gradually garnered renown within the night market and established its iconic golden sign. When you come to the night market, you’ll definitely see a long line in front of Guan Zhi Lin’s stall, attracting visitors who want to witness the miracle of snack vendors.
Using carefully selected high-quality pork for the sausage, it is sure to emit an irresistible aroma. Paired with handmade glutinous rice and grilled over a high-temperature charcoal fire until the skin is slightly charred, crispy, and chewy, each bite is a delight. Adding some homemade side dishes such as slightly spicy onions and crispy cucumbers elevates the rich texture, making each small bite a big satisfaction!

Recommended → Black Pepper Flavor Small Sausage in Large Sausage
Street Eats

Pang Mama’s Intestine and Oyster Mee Sua

A noodle specialty shop, Pang Mama’s not only boasts its signature Intestine and Oyster Mee Sua but also offers a variety of other popular items to provide consumers with diversified choices. Pang Mama takes pride in offering products filled with generous portions of high-quality ingredients at affordable prices. Moreover, the store strives to provide a comfortable dining environment, allowing consumers to experience the care and thoughtfulness behind the brand.
Traditional rice dumplings, in Pang Mama’s able hands, exude a richer sense of human warmth. Made entirely by hand, they contain whole egg yolks, large mushrooms, and well-marinated pork chunks. Paired with fragrant and soft glutinous rice and peanuts, they are steamed to achieve a dense and solid texture. With simple ingredients and heartfelt dedication, they stack up to divinely delicious flavors.

Recommended → Mushroom, Egg Yolk, and Peanut Flavor Rice Dumplings
Street Eats

Korean Spicy Stir-Fried Rice Cakes

A small stall that emanates a strong exotic flavor; the vibrant red soup on the hot pot entices passersby to stop and take a closer look. After enduring the cold Korean winter, arriving at Feng Chia Night Market feels like turning a new page with rich ingredients and authentic Korean sauces.
The rich spicy flavor and vibrant red color awaken the taste buds. The chewy rice cakes become more flavorful with each bite. The light and thin fish cakes absorb the rich broth, spreading a taste sensation in the mouth. The sweet and spicy flavor satisfies every craving for Korean cuisine.

Recommended → Stir-Fried Rice Cakes (Tteokbokki)
Street Eats

New B Huru King Candied Fruit Sticks[AL1]

“New B/Niu B” is a term derived from mainland Chinese slang, meaning cool or awesome. From ancient times to modern days, tanghulu (candied fruit sticks) have traveled a long way to Feng Chia, adding new colors and flavors to the bustling night market. Taking a bold departure from traditional tanghulu, the store uses a variety of seasonal fruits to create a colorful visual spectacle, embodying a spirit of contemporary creativity and coolness.
The crystal-clear sugar glaze envelops a variety of fruits, tempting the taste buds with its translucence. It’s irresistible—crisp sugar coating drizzled with various seasonings like classic plum powder and sweet honey, complementing the natural texture of the fruits, resulting in a delightful and multi-layered sweetness. Taking a bite is definitely a delightful experience of freshness and juiciness!

Recommended → Seven-Colored Honey Flavor
Street Eats

Hottie Spicy Fish Balls

Spicy fish balls evoke memories of cold winters, with their warmth providing comfort while walking through streets whipped by chilly winds. In summer, they tantalize the taste buds, igniting our primal desire for flavorful food. A tiny fish ball harbors our inherent desires.
As each round fish ball rolls in the hot soup pot, it releases an irresistible aroma that permeates the air. Sprinkled with various seasoning powders to offer a variety of flavors, and with a chewy texture that’s full of resilience, every small bite of spiciness gradually spreads in the mouth for a delightful taste experience.

Recommended → Curry & Slightly Spicy Flavor
Street Eats

Alibaba Shawarma

Hailing from Iran, the stall owner Ali not only fell in love with the cultural charm of Taiwan but also met his beloved wife here, starting his stall business in Feng Chia Night Market. Bringing the flavors of Iran to Taichung, the stall allows customers to experience the exotic tastes of the Middle East.
Layers of stacked juicy chicken meat are grilled to a shiny golden brown on the stove, emitting a slightly charred aroma that tantalizes the senses. Grilled at high temperatures to preserve the freshness and juiciness of the chicken, the aroma alone is enough to make anyone’s mouth water! Sliced chicken, along with fresh vegetables, is sandwiched into freshly baked bread and sprinkled with various seasoning spices, creating a rich and multi-layered taste experience that is sure to delight the palate in the bustling night market!

Recommended → Curry Flavor
Street Eats

Dajia Taro Ice City

Deeply winning over the heart (and taste buds) of the celebrity Peng Chia-chia, Dajia Taro Ice City is a super popular store in Feng Chia Night Market! With the endorsement of a celebrity, the queue of people waiting seems to extend endlessly every day, and the affordable prices attract all travelers. Facing the onslaught of summer heat, it’s definitely the ultimate cool-down treat!
Specially selected taro directly from Dajia, stewed until soft and sweet, allowing each bite to taste the charming flavor of Dajia taro! Additionally, adding ingredients such as taro balls, sweet potato balls, tapioca pearls, red beans, etc., elevates the texture, not only sweet with a chewy texture but also cool and refreshing, reaching the heart directly with an indescribable sense of comfort!

Recommended → Mixed Taro Ball Flavor
Street Eats

Minglun Egg Pancake

Adjacent to Minglun Junior High School in Yuanlin Township, Changhua County, you always spot an elderly man standing by a small stall in the afternoon, constantly flipping Taiwanese egg pancakes on the iron plate, while beside him is a continuous stream of hungry patrons. When it comes to food that truly speaks to the soul, it’s the combination of authentic ingredients, cherished recipes, and the dedication of the stall owner that allows us to immerse ourselves in lingering thoughts and flavors!
Simple batter, kneaded with the stall owner’s years of perseverance, on the slightly oily iron plate, moving back and forth, mastering the perfect heat to balance between slight charring and tenderness, sprinkled with some chopped scallions, then topped with an egg, the sauce poured over evenly blends into every corner of the egg crepe through the heat of the griddle. In an instant, it has successfully conquered the picky taste buds of customers!

Recommended → Egg Pancake
Street Eats

Wanhua Tempura

Wanhua often evokes the image of a bustling nightscape. Walking the streets here, there’s always a small vendor, lighting up the warmth in the endless night with their lanterns. In the lively and bustling Feng Chia Night Market, there’s still a small corner where a stall is set up, warmly welcoming guests with enthusiasm, and carefully cooking up the sweetness from Wanhua, warming the stomach of every traveler.
Tempura, a simple and unpretentious food, evokes many fond and nostalgic memories of delicious food. The tender and springy texture, coupled with its special sauce, makes it utterly irresistible, tempting to indulge in bite after bite! Accompanied by a sip of the freshly cooked soup broth, its delicate fragrance permeates the air, revealing a subtle warmth and sweetness. Each mouthful envelopes the palate in a symphony of delicious flavors!

Recommended → Tempura